At NINE73 Media, We Provide Expert Video Editing Services!

We have a dedicated team to provide the most top quality video editing in the area at a fair and honest price.


At NINE73 Media, we provide expert video editing services.  We have a dedicated team to provide the most top quality editing in the area at a fair and honest price.  What is video editing you say? Editing is the process of editing segments from video footage to create a new completed video.  Editing can be as simple as simply removing content from raw video footage or it could be far more complex and can include color correction, audio correction, storytelling, adding text, adding transitions, creating powerful motion graphics and much more.  No matter what your editing needs may be, you can count on NINE73 Media to get the job done!


As with our Photography service, we also have Video Editing services!  If your company or business needs some high quality video shoots of staff performing your service or of your products, NINE73 Media is the company to go to!  We do editing and construct the video to ulimately be a final product to be used on any platform, whether you are using it for your social media marketing, a tv commerical, or for displaying on your website.  Let NINE73 Media take care of all of your Editing needs!

Capturing The Moment

Have a big celebration coming up?  Perhaps a wedding or graduation?  No matter how big or small the occasion may be, the team of videographers and photographers at NINE73 Media has the years of experience and equipment to capture all of your event’s precious moments.  We make sure to captivate and capture the essense of the event or occasion with each of our shots and provide the post production services to bring it all to life.  We make sure that your event is one for the record books and will forever be saved and remembered through our services. Capture life’s greatest moments with NINE73 Media’s videos service, today!