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Helping Local Businesses Succeed Online Since 2006

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Nine73 Media helps local businesses establish a real web presence

Our team of Digital Marketing experts are here to provide you solutions. Nine73 has been serving the Startup and Business Community for over 10 years. Understanding today’s marketing platforms allows us to give you the best results!!! By having the experience and knowledge. Nine73 Media can provide our clients with the best solutions to their Website Design, SEO / Search Engine Optimization , PPC , Social Media Marketing, Branding & eCommerce needs.



Responsive Design

In today's world your website must be available on all platforms & devices. Having a professional website design will take your business to new levels

Mobile Friendly Web Design

No matter what device you view your website on, your website will look fantastic.

Digital Marketing

Having the right digital marketing campaign will increase your leads & help grow your business! Are you being found on top google searches?

Generate Leads

Organic SEO, Adwords, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Call Only PPC, Video Ads.

Social Media

Everyone is on their mobile/smart phones! We know how to get your message out. We target specific ads to popular social media platforms

Expand Your Reach

We understand today’s platforms and know how to monetize Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin , Tumblr & Snap Chat.


We bring ideas to life, your logo is crucial to establishing your company. Aesthetics, Colors, and Style have meaning.

Build Your Brand Right

Building your brand right means that your logo will look good on anything you place it on! Your website, business cards, window displays, digital signage, t-shirts, any promotional materials.

Dedication To Our Clients & Services

Simply put, we go the extra mile for our clients! Trusted & Experienced Web Design & Digital Marketing Consultants.

In today’s digital markets, much of what determines a business’s or brand’s dominate online presense is how well their website or online outlets are optimized.  At Nine73 Media, we specialize in Search Engine Optimization and deliver Grade-A results!

Our tested and proven SEO and Digital Marketing tactics have provided local and start-up business’s the proper digital marketing results that are right for their budget.  We strive to help the little guys but do not stray away the bigger companies. No business or client has been too big or too small for Nine73 Media to handle, and with ten-plus years of experience under our belt, we’ve seen and experience many marketing strategies and feel confident we can bring your business results!  Contact us today to get your digital marketing strategy off the ground and help propel your business forward!

Nine73 is constantly analyzing  the performance of our client’s websites to ensure we deliver a great ROI (Return On Investment) to them.  Our clients can rest easy knowing that their SEO campaign is at optimal efficency because we at Nine73 Media work around the clock to make sure they get the best rankings and results possible for their provided service or services, place of business, goods, or product.  Let Nine73 Media be the company you can depend for all of your search engine optimization, website and branding needs!

Our mission is to assist and prepare the businesses we serve establish a real and effective web presense for the digital age.
We like to meet our clients face-to-face if possible, working with entrepreneurs & business owners schedules can be a challenge but we feel that it’s always best to know the faces being the companies and to really get to know the owners and their businesses as best as possible to bring you the best value .
We have done business with over 100+ clients! We deliver results! We understand today’s world and executing on project on a timely manner.

As it currently stands, Google owns more than sixty-five (65%) percent of the Search market while Bing owns thirty-three (33%) percent, making it imperative that businesses nowadays establish a profound and definitive presence online.  At Nine73 Media, we get you those results and increase traffic to your website or place of business.  Below is a brief breakdown as to what you could expect from us if you were to decide to go with our search engine optimization plan.

We are constantly analyzing the performance of our client’s websites to ensure we deliver a great ROI (Return On Investment) to them.  Our clients can rest easy knowing that their SEO campaign is at optimal efficency because we at Nine73 Media work around the clock to make sure they get the best rankings and results possible for their provided service or services, place of business, goods, or product.  Let Nine73 Media be the company you can depend for all of your search engine optimization, website and branding needs!
We begin our keyword research, market research, and website planning. By this time, we’ve fixed any technical website issues, optimized any content on your site, and link / backlink building has commenced.  Our clients can expect an increase in website traffic a couple of weeks after optimizations have been published. You will notice a very substantial increase in Month-to-Month website traffic. Most of our clients report and confirm as much as double in their organic site traffic in comparison to before Nine73 services. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) will substantially affects your business’s online presence and web traffic.
Nine73 knows today’s platforms from their context to how to really publish the right content on popular social media platforms & google. Did you know there’s a way to generate leads on a call only option via google PPC? Did you know that social media marketing can be as affordable as spending 1-5 dollars a day? Nine73 Media consultants are here to guide you on getting the best ROI for your business.

Nine73 Media Digital Marketing Consultants Are Here To Help! Generate More Leads!

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With over ten years of experience in the field, Nine73 Media is your prime choice for all of your business’s digital marketing needs

Navigating through today’s digital marketing vital to businesses to grow and be found. Are you being found on the top searches in google, bing and yahoo? Is your website available on all of today’s hardware devices like ipads, iphones and smart phones? Are your ads being seen by the right people? Do you understand today’s social media platforms and how to reach thousands of potential customers?

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We Build Brands, We Make Sure That You Get Found Online!

It’s a mobile friendly world now! If you are not targeting your website and ads to mobile users you are not marketing your company like the year we are living in. Having the strategy for your digital marketing campaigns is key for your business to succeed. Everyday more people are searching on google on their mobile devices, everyone is on facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin or snap chat. Knowing today’s platforms and how to really get your message out to potential clients is how we can get our clients the best ROI.

SEO Agency NJ

Nine73 Media is a Digital Agency Providing Solutions For Businesses

Nine73 Media offers a widge range of services for businesses. We are Web Design, Logo Design, SEO/Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing , Social Media Marketing, eCommerce solutions company. We work with all types of businesses, from local small businesses, establish companies looking to be brought up to speed in today’s marketing strategies, and franchises looking for better marketing campaigns for their growing brands.

Web Design NJ

Responsive Website Design services, every needs a website now a days. If you have not establish your web presence, or have not re designed your website for today’s devices. Nine73 can make sure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly for today’s world.

Web Design NJ

eCommerce solutions for all business. If you are interested in selling products or services on your website, let the professional eCommerce web designers at Nine73 help you with all of your eCommerce needs! Sell Your Products to the world!!! 

Organic SEO NYC

Organic SEO is a great way to build a long term marketing strategy for any business. We know how to rank our clients on organic SEO searches. It’s a slow and steady process that through time and work gets results.


Google Adwords “PPC” Pay Per Click campaigns is the quickest way to start getting your business out there and generating leads over night. We do the research on your industry, competitors, and keyword data and make sure that your budget will bring you in a great ROI on your PPC campaigns. There is also a PPC call only feature to get real phone calls from leads instead of them clicking on your website which is another great marketing technique.

Social Media Marketing NYC

Social Media has become a way a live for most. If you are anywhere in the world someone is taking a picture, “checking in” to locations, leaving reviews, looking at pictures, products, or doing research. We understand that the true asset in advertising is attention. Why not advertise where people are spending most of their time and attention? We know how to do this right and within your budget.

Branding Consultant NYC

Branding, Re Branding, Logo Design, & Graphic Design are all part of building your business correctly. We normally explain to our clients that branding & messaging is the first step of putting together a real digital marketing campaign. Having a professional logo represent your company is important. The right branding will be the face of your company for years to come, we bring ideas to live and can provide you with the proper branding for you to be proud to display. 

Video Marketing Services NYC

Having the right pictures on your website can make your business website look professional and separate you from your competitors. Video ads are clicked on more than pictures! Video / Mobile friendly video is how many potential clients are consuming your content. If you create the right video ads, publish them on the right platforms and syndicate them throughout social media is a great way to get your brand & company to be seen by thousands if not millions of potential clients.

With A Proven Record WE BRING RESULTS!!!!!

  • Get Found On Top Of All Searches

  • Serving The Tristate Area For Over 10 Years

  • Branding Consultants With Years Of Experience

  • We Care About Building Long Term Relationships With Clients

  • Highest Value Digital Marketing Services

  • Mobile Friendly Website Design

  • Online Order System eCommerce Solutions

  • Build A Brand That Will Last Through Time

  • Generate More Leads = Better ROI

  • Digital Marketing Consultants That Get Results

  • eCommerce Web Design + POS Integration

  • Social Media Marketing Consultants

  • Twitter Marketing Consultants

  • Facebook Marketing Consultants

  • Digital Menu Boards Installation

  • Digital Signage Solutions For All Businesses

  • Snap Chat Marketing

  • Pinterest Pins Design

  • Search Engine Optimization Experts

  • SEO / Organic SEO

  • Adwords / PPC / Pay Per Click

  • Call Only Opitons SEO Experts

  • Video Marketing Services

  • Content Creation

  • Hosting / Server Admins

  • Photography

  • Fully Optimized For Speed

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eCommerce Solutions For Every Business

Need an online shop? Want an online ordering system for your restaurant? We can integrate ecommerce solutions with POS Systems/Point-Of-Sale systems to work with your website and online ordering system. We can design, manage, and market your business to the world!