We Know The Power Of Facebook & What Can Be Accomplished With It! Facebook Video Ads Can Get Your Message Out To The Masses Right!

If you are a regular Facebook user, you see your friends sharing & tagging people on all kind of content. Video has quickly become Facebook’s best friend! Everyone is now uploading Facebook Video Ads for their brand & business! Why? Because video is clicked on more than regular ads! If you make the right video ad and syndicate it on Facebook you can get a great ROI on your video ads! As the internet turns mobile, less and less people are watching TV! You can treat Facebook like another TV type platform!! Facebook Video Ads present an awesome opportunity to provide high quality video content and ads to be utilized in your digital marketing plan!

Facebook Video Ads Work!

As the above statement says, we know the power of Facebook and what can be accomplished with it!  Facebook remains the largest social network with the greatest reach and the most sophisticated ad products, so it remains no surprise that its also becoming a haven for incredible video content.

Facebook Video Ads represent both an awesome opportunity and a tremendous challenge. Due to increased competition and an ever-evolving platform, managing Facebook Video Ads takes an intricate combination of creativity, analytical skill and experience, one that NINE73 Media has much experience in!  With NINE73 Media’s Facebook Video Ads Team on your side, Facebook Video Ads will become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal!

Your Playbook

Facebook works particularly well in B2C, B2B, ecommerce, lead generation, online publishing, and branding establishments, making Facebook Video Ads all that more important.  Of all of the social networks around, Facebook is the place where your brand MUST shine in.  Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider Facebook Video Ads;

  • 77% of B2C companies acquired customers from Facebook
  • 43% of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook
  • Brands using Custom Audiences have increased ecomm conversions up to 100%
  • Brands promoting sequenced branding messages saw 17x more email opt-ins
  • Facebook now drives more traffic to digital publishers than Google
  • 75% of Brands Promote Facebook Posts

Find Your Customers

Facebook Ads and Video Ads allows for you to extend your reach far beyond the confines of traditional search or your currently existing Facebook network.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your Facebook Video Ads could should up on the timelines and newsfeeds of people that are genuinely interested in your product or service?  Better yet, what if you could target the exact area and location where you want those Facebook Video Ads to show up?  NINE73 Media can guide you in this important process starting with targeting specific age groups, genders, location, interested, you name it!  Rather than waiting for potential new clients to “search” for you or “find” you, you can actively engage and build your audience, and convert them into paying customers.  Let NINE73 Media be your ace up your sleeve in all of your Facebook Video Ads needs!