Have Your Linkedin Work FOR YOU! Linkedin Marketing

A LinkedIn marketing strategy offers your business or company a huge fighting chance in establishing yourself as an expert in your industry and field. Having your company’s profile or your personal Linkedin Marketing campaign can help you generate leads, get found online, & present your company right. Professional’s throughout the world look at Linkedin as the place to network for professionals. Your business can benefit by advertising where professional’s hang out online! By investing your budget on popular social media platforms like Linkedin you can maximize your digital marketing efforts!

Leverage Your LinkedIn Marketing

NINE73 Media understands that a formidable LinkedIn marketing strategy offers your business or company a huge fighting chance in establishing yourself as an expert in your industry and field.  It allows for sharing content, joining and engaging in discussion groups, and networking with other professionals.  Are you looking to expand your business and add new talent to your team?  You can most certainly do that by posting job applications right on LinkedIn.  Let NINE73 Media be the one behind the wheel with all of your Linkedin Marketing prospects!

Get Connected

NINE73 Media begins your venture in getting connected on Linkedin by first setting up a business page for your company.  On that very business page, you can link up your website, social media pages and profiles, contact information and more amazing features and avenues to further encourage more user engagement.  After your business LinkedIn page is all set up and ready to go, we offer hands on training with our consultants on how to make our Linkedin Marketing services more effective for your business or company.  NINE73 Media works with you to create a customized Linkedin Marketing plan which includes content creation, monitoring and reputation management.

Give Your Profile A Makeover

There is a strong notion that’s become very apparent with most Linkedin accounts that we’ve come across.  We’ve found that 9 out of 10 business leader and sales and marketing executives’ profiles are worthless as sales and marketing tools.  Why do we say that most LinkedIn profiles are worthless?  Simply put, there is just not enough attention on personal profiles.  This lack of attention on Linkedin profiles like this could potentially portray the image of the entire company and that downright is an unnecessary risk.

NINE73 Media knows that organizations and companies focus their attention on the company page, which only provides brand awareness.  What we try to teach our clients with our Linkedin Marketing is that the real engagement should be done on the personal side because B2B buyers are looking for real relationships with experts, not companies.  They don’t want to deal with robots or be considered just a number, they have their own individual needs.  Let NINE73 Media help close the gap between B2B Buyers that look for the business value that prospects are looking for!