Digital Menu Boards Today’s Food Industry Standard

NINE73 Media understands that restaurant operators adapt to changing times with lots of new ways to attract customers. Having Digital Menu Boards can help you edit pricing easier than having to print or change an entire menu board. It’s a easier & better system to use for managing your restaurants pricing. Digital Menu Boards can also help you sell more products by displaying more specials! Any real restaurant in today’s world can benefit from using the right Digital Menu Boards. Contact us today to meet with our Digital Menu Boards consultant.

New Technology

NINE73 Media understands that restaurant operators adapt to changing times, new ways to attract customers arise.  The latest addition to a restaurant’s marketing arsenal nowadays are digital menu boards as they’re a fun and visually stunning new way to promote their offerings.  Digital menu boards allow restaurant operators the capability to apply full-motion video into their menu display, instant updates to content to account for last-minute product changes, make changes and update prices for a single location or multiple locations, from anywhere in the world.

Digital Menu Boards

Go Digital

NINE73 Media installs digital menu boards that take the place of static displays, printed signs and banners, back-lit signs, chalkboards or hard copy menu boards.  With a digital menu, you’re allow to update content throughout the day by scheduling the appropriate content at the right time and the right place to positively impact your sales!  NINE73 Media’s digital menus & signage are the solution for all of your digital menu boards, electronic menu boards & digital signage needs. Consider taking your business into the future, now!  Anyone can create stunning graphics, animations & special effects, in seconds!

Marketing For The Future

Digital Menu Boards have taken the restaurant and food industry by storm and NINE73 Media is proud to be supplier of this vastly growing service.  Digital Menu Boards are starting to become commonplace in restaurants, fast food, and bars for their incredible promotional potential as well as the value it brings to your business by providing a great convienience to your customers.  Digital menu boards prove to be a great new way to increase customer interaction and it’s also a great new way to promote and utilize as a great digital marketing tool.  You can provide digital ads for your own business or perhaps for other local businesses, the choices are endless!  Let NINE73 Media be your go-to Digital Menu Board service provider for your place of business!


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